Please contact the office when you first identify a defect - please provide a detailed explanation of the defect so that we can decide on the best course of action.


Emergency out of Hours Assistance

Please see our out of hours contact information below which must only be used in an emergency.

Emergency call-outs are very costly for your Landlord so please make sure the problem is serious enough before using this service otherwise your Landlord may insist that you pay part or all of the bill.

We do not want you to take risks with your personal safety, merely to use your discretion wisely. If you're unsure then you can call the emergency contractor and ask their advice before asking them to come out.


Examples of real emergencies:

  • Gas leaks - call Transco immediately on 0800 111 999.
  • Water leaks which can't be stopped by turning off an isolation valve/ stop tap.
  • Burglaries which require doors or windows securing.
  • Locked out of the property due to faulty/collapsed lock.
  • Boiler breakdowns in extreme weather conditions.
  • Electrical wiring/installations causing sparking or shocks.

Examples of non-emergencies:

  • Blocked drains or sinks.
  • Lost keys - you should call a locksmith at your own expense or wait until our office opens to see if we have spares.
  • Broken kitchen appliances.
  • Blown fuses or bulbs.
  • Boiler breakdowns in mild weather conditions.

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