Our virtual office continues to be open for business despite the door to our physical office being closed!

  • virusWe are here, during these difficult times, to attend to the needs of tenants, many of whom are in the 'at risk' category.
  • We are also here to assist all clients, and customers, with their particular property requirements, whether you are a buyer or seller and want assistance with the progress of your particular property transaction.
  • Our property management service continues albeit by e-mail, on-line service and telephone
  • Our rent collection service continues, but we ask that all tenants pay by bank transfer, as many tenants do already. If you want to set up a standing order, please contact us and we will assist you with this.
  • We will, of course, continue to process rent payments to landlords, most landlords accept payment by BACS, if you are one of the few that still receive cheques we strongly recommend that you contact us with your bank details so that there is absolutely no delay in getting the rent money into your bank account.

We are able to carry out the above high-level service because we have a dedicated and willing team of great property professionals.

We do, however, ask that you assist by using the following communication methods:

  • Our telephones will be manned at the office and by staff working remotely from home with call-forwarding.
  • E-mails will also be attended to at the office and off-site so please be patient with any enquiry we will work to resolve all issues raised in a timely manner taking account of the restrictions imposed upon us.
  • To assist with a speedy reply all staff will be monitoring the following e-mail address:

01758 701 100       post@huwtudor.co.uk

We are determined to play our part to minimize the spread of this virus and we will continue with our high-level service whilst minimising risk to you and our staff. 

We continue to monitor the guidance issued by our professional bodies RICS, ARLA and NAEA along with the advice and regulations published by the Government.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your co-operation and hope that you keep safe and well

Director H Tudor A'i Fab Cyf  TA Tudor Estate Agents and Chartered Surveyors

24th March 2020

Our office continues to be open during these difficult times and we are here to attend to tenants, landlords buyers and sellers. We should, however, ask that before visiting our office you consider whether your visit is absolutely necessary, could the matter be attended to over the telephone or by e-mail?

We are determined to play our part to minimize the spread of this virus and we will continue with our high level service whilst minimising all risk to you and our staff.

If you must attend at the office in person we ask that you play your part by adhering to the advice given by the Government on Social Distancing, Hand washing, Cleanliness. Please Respect our Staff's requirements for a safe working environment which is also required for your own protection.

We continue to monitor the guidance issued by our professional bodies RICS, ARLA and NAEA along with the advice and regulations published by the Government.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and hope that you keep safe and well

Director H Tudor A'i Fab Cyf  TA Tudor Estate Agents and Chartered Surveyors

The following Guide has been issued by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RISC)

The COVID- 19 virus is having an impact on RICS professionals and regulated firms whose work involves direct contact with clients, customers and tenants, whether in an office or through visits to a property. This is causing significant uncertainty for many, especially as government guidance evolves daily.

In addition to adhering to national government advice and guidance, RICS recommends that firms and professionals who are involved in work where there is direct contact with clients, customers or tenants, such as through inspections, repairs, appraisals, and viewings have a clear strategy in place for visits or on-site work to ensure the health and safety of all those involved.

This strategy should consider:

  • Whether the instruction or request from the client, customer or tenant is absolutely necessary. For inspections, viewings, and appraisals, discuss with your client whether postponing the appointment would be possible, or whether safeguards could be put in place to comply with government guidance.
  • For some repairs a delay may have an impact on a vulnerable tenant or could result in disrepair, in these circumstances, if a decision is made to carry out a repair, it is essential to adhere to national government advice with regards to interacting with other people.
  • Where viewings are continuing, 360 degree on-line viewings may be offered as an alternative to visiting a property, especially where the property includes occupants who have been identified as being particularly vulnerable or at risk. Visits must not be carried out to properties where the occupants are in self-isolation.

In addition to the above, you should set out in writing your approach to communicating with clients, customers, and tenants, explaining the health and safety measures that you are taking during this time and how they can continue to contact you. You should also keep written records of all conversations relating to any changes to services.

The office continues to be open but we ask all who visit to play their part by adhering to the advice given on hand washing, cleanliness and respecting social distancing.

Tudor Estate Agents and Property Managers intends to remain operational, within the guidelines and best practise as advised by the Health Authorities.

virusIn line with the latest initiatives to minimize the spread of Covid 19 we are determined to play our part to minimize the spread of this virus.

We will be following the guidance and the instruction of Welsh Government and all appropriate Health Authorities.

In light of the spread of the Covid-19 virus Tudor Estate Agents would like to reassure our customers as to the steps we have taken to provide a safe environment.

Gegin Fawr, Aberdaron



Update 09/04/19

The Welsh government announced the Renting Homes (Wales) Fees Bill is anticipated to receive Royal Assent in May. This means, that providing the timetable is kept, the ban on fees will commence on 1 September 2019.


The following is copied from a ARLA Circulation:

On Tuesday 12 June 2018 the Welsh Government introduced the Renting Homes (Fees etc) (Wales) Bill to ban fees charged in the private rented sector.

The Bill will ban tenants from being charged for anything other than Rent, Security Deposits, Holding Deposits, Utilities, Communication Services, Council Tax and Default Fees.



Amendments that passed at Stage 3 were largely those tabled on behalf of the Welsh Government by the Housing and Local Government Minister, Julie James AM. The Minister also worked with the Welsh Conservatives and Plaid Cymru on some further clarifying amendments to the Bill.

Enforcement authorities
Previously the legislation referred to enforcement activity being instigated by ‘a local housing authority’. This has been amended to ‘enforcement authority’, which allows for both local authorities and the licensing authority (Rent Smart Wales) to enforce the legislation. They will also have the power to bring criminal proceedings under the Bill.

Green Deal
Green Deal charges are included as a permitted payment under ‘Utilities’. Letting agents and landlords will be allowed to charge a contract-holder (or tenant) their agreed portion of Green Deal loan repayments as part of their contract (or tenancy).

Exit fees
Landlords and letting agents will not be allowed to charge exit fees at the end of a contract. Please note, this does not include an early Surrender of Tenancy or where the contract-holder leaves without providing the required notice.

Treatment of Holding Deposit
The legislation now clarifies that any payment of a Holding Deposit that exceeds the equivalent of one week’s rent will be a Prohibited Payment and must be refunded. The person who received the Holding Deposit must also be the person who repays it.

After a Holding Deposit has been paid by a potential contract-holder, the letting agent or landlord must not advertise the property to any other prospective tenants.

Late rent payments
Late rent payments are now specified as a payment in the event of a default. At the moment there are no details on whether this will be capped and we expect the Guidance from the Welsh Government to provide clarity on this once the Bill has passed the Senedd. Further specified Default Fees can be included by secondary legislation.

Notice for Possession
The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 has been amended to disallow letting agents and landlords from issuing a contract-holder with a Notice for Possession where they have been charged a prohibited payment and it has not been fully refunded. This also applies where a Holding Deposit has not been wholly refunded and has not gone towards rent or the Security Deposit. The same applies to the landlord’s break clause.

Stage 4 proceedings (passing of the Bill in Plenary) will take place in the Assembly on 27 March 2019. We will be updating the Fact Sheet and providing other resources in due course.

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